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What is Breather and what services do they offer?

What is Breather and what services do they offer? Posted on November 3, 2017Leave a comment

Breather offers rental spaces you can enjoy when you want to take a break (aka breather) from your fast-paced life. They specialize in beautiful workspaces proven to be more conducive for work. These spaces do not only look good, but also provide a good working experience since it allows you to focus on the job, instead of what is happening around you.

As their website suggests, the spaces they offer spark creativity and improve focus which then translates to better productivity. One of their main advantages is that they do not require you to pay a membership fee, so you’re free to try other workspaces around the area as you please. No membership fees also mean flexibility, for they also allow a no charge cancellation up to 2 hours before your booking time.

Superb Rooms For Team Meetings

Their spaces are not solely for work purposes, as they also offer rooms for team meetings, client meetings, workshops and classes, therapies, consultations, and even photo shoots. The spaces they have vary in sizes and ambiance, specifically designed for different purposes. They offer just about anything you need to get the job done without problems.

Ideal Workspace

Breather charges by day and by the hour, you basically choose what works for you better. Booking a workspace in Breather is fuss-free and very easy. It is entirely possible to book a space when you need it today, though you also have the option to book early.

The workspaces they have are fully-equipped for client and board meetings, as there are whiteboards and screens. Connecting is never a problem, too. Breather spaces have high speed internet connection on Wi-Fi, which means working is fast and easy as well.

When you book a space from Breather, you are guaranteed of a room in perfect shape. Each workspace is checked and cleaned upon every booking. If you are to use their spaces for events like parties and other gatherings, Breather also does special arrangements to accommodate your special requests.

Recommended By Professionals

The reason why Breather spaces are preferred by many professionals is the quiet workspace it provides, which also helps them focus more on what they do. These spaces are free from any sort of distraction. It is common for us to feel bombarded with background noise and chaos when working in the office. This is altogether avoided when we choose to work somewhere with a better, more relaxed atmosphere.

Expanded Branch

Breather has spaces strategically located in many busy areas where business is thriving. They have locations in Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, and Washington DC, among others.

Breather spaces are all expertly designed to serve the needs of people looking for a quiet venue for work. These rooms give you the ability to work anytime, anywhere, since they offer well-equipped office spaces complete with chargers and screens. They also promote mobility, thanks to their high-speed internet connection.

The demand for workspaces continue to increase, as reflected by the many Breather spaces available all over the city today. The consistent experience they offer along with the secured and fast internet connection make these spaces great for corporate meetings and even individual work.

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