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How to book a meeting room?

How to book a meeting room? Posted on September 21, 2018Leave a comment

The email you have been waiting for has arrived. Your organization has scheduled a meeting, and it is your job to make it happen. This is your first time arranging a meeting, and you want to present a professional image and create a great working atmosphere for the employees. But, you are not sure how to book a meeting room. We are here to guide you through the process of booking your first meeting room in London.

Renting a conference room is very popular now and thanks to the internet, you can find the one you need quite easily.  Choosing a space that meets all your requirements plays a big role in keeping your clients happy. Before you begin your search, it is crucial for you to create a checklist consisting of things needed to make this meeting a success. Ex: Number of attendees expected, Catering needs, projector or LCD, collar microphones, etc. This list will help you track your requirement against the conference venue’s offerings.


Booking face-to-face

If you are familiar with the conference venue and know the person in charge of booking rooms, you may be able to finish the whole transaction over a phone call. However, some venue owners may insist on a face-to-face meeting or require an upfront payment before confirming the Hall. One problem with phone booking is that you might have reached out to a third-party service which could inflate prices of the rooms. If you approach the location directly, you might be able to save a few pounds, but it may be a bit harder to find the right person.

Booking via Internet

Many agencies offer meeting rooms in London through their websites. You can find a lot of such services by a simple google search. Such websites usually list the price, location, availability and the facilities offered at the venue. Often, conference halls in London are rented for business meetings, dinners, and lunches or just for team building activities. These venues are typically booked from 9 AM to 6 PM. Cancellation policy may vary from site to site, and most of them require an advance payment. In case your event is cancelled, they will retain some percentage of the advance payment as a cancellation fee. A few conference rooms also offer catering services, Wi-Fi, Television and AV facility. Before making a reservation, check what facilities are available as a part of the package and which items require additional fees. Example, certain venues charge extra for a HD projector. It is essential to keep your checklist handy before making a reservation. It will also help you keep the event within budget.

What if the venue is double booked?

Admit it. It has happened to everyone at least once. You are ready to enter the conference hall, only to see that it is already occupied by someone else because the room got double booked. In the age of the internet, conference rooms are listed on multiple sites and in the absence of a central confirmation system, two different sites may reserve the same hall for the same date and time.  To avoid such a situation, call or email the venue after making the booking to make sure it is not double booked.

London is home to some of the most elegant and classy conference rooms and meeting halls. By choosing a venue that meets all your needs, you can take away the stress of organizing.  You are then  free to take care of the attendees and to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Predict the problem

One way to ensure your conferences and meetings are trouble-free, is to ‘Predict potential problems’.

Predicting a problem will help you overcome it or find a quick solution. If you proactively search for potential issues, it becomes easier to resolve them before they cause actual trouble.

For example:

Problem: 50 people were expected by 60 turned up.

Solution: Always give a 10% buffer when quoting headcount.

Problem: Venue does not have any HDMI cables.

Solution: Find a spare in office before leaving for the venue.

Problem: Plasma screen too small for audience size.

Solution: Find a place that provides a  bigger plasma screen or rent a bigger screen from a third party.

What’s next?

Once you finish your first meeting successfully, remember to keep the venue details and contacts handy. You may wish to use the same conference hall again. So, add it to your preferred venue list and include personal observations like extra chairs needed, closer to Metro, the best way to contact the venue, etc.

It is also vital to revisit your event checklist to see if something needs to be added or modified based on the latest experience. As your checklist gets more refined, you will find it easier to fix a meeting venue, spot potential issues and overcome them proactively.

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