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How Much Does An Average Wedding Cost?

How Much Does An Average Wedding Cost? Posted on November 3, 2017Leave a comment

Getting married is a really thrilling event in two people’s lives. It is the beginning of a new journey. Many people are dreaming of a beautiful and unforgettable wedding day. For some, it is just a day and no elegance needed. Some people prefer to have an extravagant wedding and it doesn’t matter as long as they have the budget for it. Other finds it unpractical and keep a simple wedding celebration with close friends and families. Some wants and intimate and small wedding followed by a simple meal. The wedding cost is a huge matter – the start of how a couple will handle financial matters.

Estimated Wedding Costs

Both couples should have an on-hand involvement in planning and budgeting a wedding. It is really important to know how much your wedding will cost you. On the average, wedding costs around $20k to $30k. A simpler wedding may only cost around $10k. Some couples are over-spending due to reality vs. budget.

Planning A Wedding

A simple change in the wedding plan may cost you a hundred dollars or more. Be cautious in planning a wedding, stay on the budget as possible. If you have a 10k budget then work on it, avoid over-spending unless you will need to adjust your budget to something important.

Dividing The Expenses

In budgeting, it is also important to know who’s paying what. If both parties agreed to a shared expenses on the wedding, then settled it down at the beginning. You can politely ask if your partner’s parents can contribute something for the wedding. Also, make sure that both couples will have a part in the finances for the wedding.

List Down The Expenses

Finalize your wedding set-up, reception, number of guests, and other expense. Have an extra budget for unexpected expenses to make sure you will not get short. If you can cut-out some unreasonable expenses, it is better. If you also have some other options like renting a gown instead of buyingor doing DIY stuff for the wedding, ask the relatives or rent someone to cook the food, etc. There are many ways to cut down the cost of a wedding.

Most of your expenses go to the reception which includes the expenses for the food, the rental fee of the place, sound system, photo booth rental, etc. At most 50% of your budget will go to this. Other expenses will have around 5-15% allocations which include the attire, wedding ring, photo and video services, etc. Only 1-3% will go to the ceremony expenses. If you think you are over budgeting, check your plan if you can cut off some of the unnecessary expenses. You can even cut all your expenses in half and save more money for the future.

Nowadays, it is important to be frugal in everything. It doesn’t mean that your low-budget wedding will look cheap. Your wedding is an important part of your life and you want to make it stunning as much as possible. The wedding cost is just a small part of your married life, the journey ahead is a more beautiful one.

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